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It does include the ultra-moisturizing sodium hyaluronate, and two fatty alcohols, stearyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol, also known for their moisturizing qualities. Another skin care standout, PTFE. Better known as Teflon, this ingredient works similarly as it does on pans — it creates a smooth surface. Exactly what you want in a wrinkle cream. It’s also known for filling in fine lines as well. (There is a toxicity concern with PTFE, but that occurs at 662 degrees Fahrenheit. Not a likely environment for your face.)

Most retinoids are not photo-stable or sunlight-stable, meaning they should be kept in an opaque, well-sealed container and used only at night. Start at two nights a week with one night off to see how your skin reacts.

At night, your skin is actually primed for soaking-up moisturizers, which is why it’s good to have a creamier, more moisturizing eye cream at night. Another reason? If you’re using an eye cream with a retinoid, those are broken down by sunlight, so they won’t work during the day anyway.

Brand-new on the market from Tatcha, this beauty essence features exotic properties. No, it’s not a cream, but it is derived from Japanese superfoods to ensure yours is the best skin to be in. A combination of green tea, rice, and algae offer anti-aging benefits, smoothing elements, and a plumping effect that work together to keep the complexion soft and supple.

We’re still processing the fact that retinoids don’t increase your risk of sunburn, too. But get this: Combining retinoids with island hopping may even be a good thing. They not only boost collagen production, but may also have the potential to stop photoaging before it starts. “They’ve been shown to prevent the rise of collagenase—the enzyme that breaks down collagen—after UV exposure,” says Sachs.

I order this product as I was using the face cream at night that goes with it. I have noticed my wrinkles becoming much less noticeable. Have had comments from others about less wrinkles. Will continue to use both products.

Don’t forget—when you apply your retinol product, be sure to include your neck and chest so you get those amazing benefits there, too. Also note that improving the appearance of aging skin is too complex for any one ingredient to handle—even a superstar like retinol. So, for best results, combine it with:

I received my ROC Skin Care products free to share with my friends and family. Of all the wonderful products we tried at the ROC your age party, The retinol Correxion Eye Cream was a big hit.The little tube got big attention. All of my guests felt they needed help under the eye and they found it! The eye cream visibly reduced under eye puffiness on contact. After 3 weeks of use, I can see more even color and less darkness I enjoy my skincare ritual and ROC makes the work well worth it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

I purchased this to help with my dark under-eye circles and, unfortunately, it made my sensitive skin swell up like crazy! It took a full 48 hours for it to go down. However, I have been using it for other purposes since to at least get my moneys worth: wrinkles on my forehead and mouth and the occasional pimple (retinol really does it all!), and it has worked great for those.

Piérard-Franchimont C, Castelli D, Cromphaut IV. Tensile properties and contours of aging facial skin, A controlled double-blind comparative study of the effects of retinol, melibose-lactose and their association. Skin Res Technol. 1998;4:237–43.

This drugstore option proves you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to use great skincare. It contains pure retinol to help reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles in 12 weeks of use. In fact, one reader experimented with the product, and her review was glowing: “I used my old moisturizing cream on one side of my face and RoC Retinol Correction Deep Wrinkle Night Cream on the other side of my face for 3 months. I asked my friends and family if they could see less defined wrinkles on one side of my face versus the other. Almost everyone chose the side with the RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream as the side with lesser wrinkles.” Pretty amazing, huh?

The majority of users were very pleased with the changes they have experienced on their skin’s appearance. I can’t avoid to mention here one review which sounded a bit exaggerating when I first read it but at the same time so very funny!

What made Honest Beauty’s eye cream stand out was its packaging, and we don’t mean just that it came in a nice opaque tube that should help keep those antioxidants active for longer than a jar might. The Depuffed Eye came with a metal tip that immediately chilled down our skin, which made for a pleasant application that could also increase the eye cream’s effectiveness.

I previously wrote a review complaining of bad breakouts from using this product. Following Platinum’s advice, I cut back my application frequency to a few times a week and can now say I LOVE this product. I rarely use it all over my face, preferring to use it more as a spot/blemish treatment as it works great at clearing up breakouts. I’m a little scared to put it all over my face only because I think I’d be over-exfoliating my face which I believe was what was causing the initial breakouts (I was previously using the glycolic serum in the mornings and retinol at night, which I think was just too much exfoliation). However, using glycolic as an all over face treatment and retinol as a spot/localized treatment has been great. *Results vary depending on individual needs and product usage. Please see us for personal recommendations. 

Retinoids first came to market in the early 1970s as an acne-fighting drug. Since then, they have also been used to treat psoriasis, warts, wrinkles and blotchiness caused by sun exposure, and aged skin.

I was using the Environment Protection Night Cream with the Renitol Serum, but it proved too oily. I got the sample of the Retinol Night Cream and I love it. It is just the right amount of moisture in combination with the serum.

It’s no shocker that the number of anti-aging products appearing on shelves has skyrocketed over the years. (Between 2007 and 2010, product launches nearly doubled.) What is surprising is the active ingredient that’s touted in the vast majority of these potions: good old retinoids. This class of vitamin A derivatives has been used in skin care since the ’70s. The most famous product, Retin-A, is made with the retinoid tretinoin. It was developed in the late ’60s by Albert Kligman, Ph.D., a professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania, as an acne treatment and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). (Chances are, you used it on pimples back in the day.) Kligman and his colleague James Leyden, M.D., noticed that Retin-A also improved wrinkles and skin tone in acne patients. Kligman eventually patented Renova, a tretinoin in an emollient base, which was the first FDA-approved topical treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. That was about 18 years ago, and yet retinoids still star in everything from moisturizers and serums to eye and neck creams. Why is what’s old still so new?

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In an open clinical trial, Ochando and colleagues (1994) studied the effect of 0.05% retinaldehyde in 32 female volunteers showing symptoms of mild to moderate photoaging. At the end of 4 months, considerable reduction in the surface roughness and coarse wrinkling was observed. Moreover, retinaldehyde treatment was associated with very few adverse effects. Subsequently, Creidi and colleagues (1998, 1999) conducted a randomized and vehicle-controlled clinical trial (n = 125) to compare the efficacy of 0.05% retinaldehyde with 0.05% retinoic acid for the treatment of photoaging. Optical profilometry studies on the volunteers indicated that both retinaldehyde and retinoic acid were equally effective in reducing wrinkles and skin roughness. However, retinoic acid resulted in higher incidences of local irritation than retinaldehyde thus negatively affecting patient compliance. In another study, Diridollou and colleagues (1999) evaluated the effect of 0.05% retinaldehyde versus vehicle in 40 patients showing symptoms of aging by ultrasound and rheological techniques. Compared with the control group, the retinaldehyde treated group showed a significant increase in epidermal thickness, as well as in cutaneous elasticity (p < 0.01). Similarly, retinaldehyde treatment tended to increase dermal thickness and reduce cutaneous stiffness and was very well tolerated by the patients. @cmsmith10: It is true that retinol cream, with its high doses of Vitamin A, is a great wrinkle-fighter. However, it should be used carefully. It can dry your skin out after a while. Moisturize your skin regularly when using retinol. Apply extra moisturizer after you have used your retinol cream. Although it is good to use for sun exposure, it can also lead to sun sensitivity. This product is now a staple in my evening regimen. I used to break out very badly in my chin area. No matter what product I tried I would get acne that actually would leave dark marks on my skin. I was always afraid to try new products and afraid to even wear makeup because of my skins sensitivity. I want to say it took 3-4 mos for this product to clear up my skin (I almost gave up) but I am so glad I didn't because now it keeps my skin clear, I can actually wear makeup, plus it keeps my skin looking fresh! *Results vary depending on individual needs and product usage. Please see us for personal recommendations.  "A change in climate won't suddenly make your skin react to a retinoid you were tolerating a few days earlier at home," says Weiss. Once skin cells have adapted to the strength of the retinoid you're applying, any irritation (called retinoid dermatitis) generally stops. "It's unlikely to flare up again until you switch to something stronger," says Weiss. Still, if you're jumping on a long-haul flight or going skiing, it's a good idea to layer a heavier moisturizer over your retinoid to avoid dryness, which makes skin more susceptible to irritation in general. The ultimate multitasking eye cream, this formula combines retinoids, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin, reduce puffiness, and fade dark circles without irritation.Kate Somerville +Retinol Firming Eye Cream, $85 Makers of the over-the-counter creams and gels don't have to say how much retinol their products contain, and in the short term, the products might not be as effective as tretinoin. But they do smooth out the skin and minimize the effects of sun damage, Farris says. Generally, it takes about 3 to 6 months of daily use to notice a difference. With prescription retinoids, a patient might notice smoother, more even-toned skin in as early as 6 to 8 weeks. “I recommend this product to my patients all the time because Neutrogena is a reliable company and the products are easy to find in any drugstore. The ingredients are of good quality and I have never had anyone complain about any skin reaction or difficulty managing this retinol.” —Jessica Krant MD, board-certified dermatologist at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of NY and assistant clinical professor of dermatology at SUNY Downstate Skin aging is influenced by several factors including genetics, environmental exposure (UV radiation, xenobiotics, and mechanical stress), hormonal changes and metabolic processes (generation of reactive chemical compounds such as activated oxygen species, sugars and aldehydes). All factors together act on the alterations of skin structure, function, and appearance. Yet solar UV radiation unquestionably is the single major factor responsible for skin aging (Rittié and Fisher 2002). I’ve tried many skin products with retinol in hopes of finding a product that would do its magic. After trying a few different retinol creams with vitamin a for the face I have failed miserably. What’s the best retinol night cream for acne? Will it help acne scars? "Retinol, a form of vitamin A, is well-known as the gold standard of anti-aging ingredients, that’s why my patients ask for it frequently. However, I saw a significant need for a new product that worked more quickly and didn’t cause irritation and dryness. After years of research and development, I’m proud to say we have finally perfected the science of retinol with this revolutionary serum.”—Howard Murad, MD FAAD Many of the non-visual functions of vitamin A are mediated by retinoic acid, which regulates gene expression by activating nuclear retinoic acid receptors.[22] The non-visual functions of vitamin A are essential in the immunological function, reproduction and embryonic development of vertebrates as evidenced by the impaired growth, susceptibility to infection and birth defects observed in populations receiving suboptimal vitamin A in their diet. This is my third time using this product. I must say it is very effective and proves worthy of its claims. This brand has been out for a very long time and from my experience with this product I can see why! Ship to Store FREE! 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First off, for all you people with unrealistic expectations– this product is not for you so stop reading. I am 26 years old with really dark circles and fine lines under my eyes. Although I have been blessed with relatively good skin otherwise, my under eye area tends to suffer. I didn’t really know what to do about it (other than cover with concealer) until about two weeks ago when I did some research on an affordable and effective retinol product. Yes people, after the FIRST day I notice my eyes were less sunken in and a little brighter! I’ve heard complaints that it stings some peoples eyes. My skin is sensitive and I did NOT experience this side effect. The formula is super thin and absorbs very quickly. Apply this AFTER you wash, moisturizer and apply and serums or acne treatments for best results. Enjoy!

Always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater. If you aren’t diligent about sun protection, even the most effective anti-aging ingredients won’t be able to deliver the results you want. Unprotected sun exposure is simply bad for skin. Daily use of sunscreen as directed, along with other sun protection measures, decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging.

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